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Wearestarling orchestrates digital products and services that

empower organizations to transform the business, to enhance sustainability and

to manage continuous change.

Collaborative Innovation

Accomodate continuous change

Fascinated by the possibilities of technology to make people work together, we genuinely empower organizations to leverage on their unique position to be successful:

Business Agility

The agile enterprise is within reach, fostering continuous change through enterprise design.

The Ability to Obtain Consensus

The organization is about people. processes and technology. Collaboration is a second nature.

Customer Centricity

Opportunities are shared in a networked economy and drive operational and sustainable excellence.


To successfully implement technology enabled change in your organization and to stay true to your entrepreneurial mindset, you should give your organization the ability to define and monitor realistic benefits at acceptable costs and risks. Digital transformation calls for the design of the organization in order to establish a sustainable digital flow.


Based on a 'benefits dependency network', you can envisage business agility and sustainability. Modelling the organization in a customer-centered approach leads to more inspiration and consensus in any implementation.

Technology is a serious driver for change. Wether you are looking to insert services into your connected products, or to identify the right products into your connected services, you will have to continuously innovate your business, collaboratively with your customers and your suppliers in order to get to the realization of a sustainable business case. 


Let us, 'we are starling', make the difference and orchestrate the murmuration* together. Joining Wearestarling will get you on a flying start.


*: A starling 'murmuration' is the gathering of many starlings in a harmonious flight. Any individual starling can join to contribute to continuous evolvability. Take a look at this murmuration. 


Contact us


Wearestarling B.V.

Lodewijk Gerritslaan 35

2600 Berchem (Antwerpen)

Email & Phone:

Tel: +32 (0) 474 465 501



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